Alejandro Faini,

Editor (North America)


KANSAS – A worker of the Wichita Mid-Continent Airport was arrested this morning while trying to detonate explosives located in his vehicle.

The man, identified as Terry Loewen, 58, was stopped when he was trying to open a gate to the Tarmac of the Airport. Loewen was being investigated by security agencies since last summer. It is believed that this attempt to detonate explosives in a commercial airport is an act of  Jihad against the United States.

Later reports by official and investigators showed that the explosives held in Loewen’s vehicle were, in fact, inert, making the detonation impossible.

The airport is located a few minutes from one of the most important cities in Kansas and is one of the busiest during the first hours in the morning.

The airport is now fully operational.


Image Courtesy:EH101 [http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Express_Jet_Wichita_Mid-Continent_Airport.jpg] Wikimedia Commons