The Global Panorama was started with the aim of providing global news and information to citizens around the world. Started by Trisha Chowdhury in July 2012, the organisation has expanded from an initial team of three members to more than 200 contributors covering all six continents.

The Global Panorama endeavours to promote inter-cultural understanding. Our raison d’être is to emphasise on why news from one region would affect the rest of the world. Since domestication of news is rampant, we believe that the absence of a regional or political point of focus would help us in our endeavour to deliver unopinionated and unbiased news and information.

Our editorial style is structured to highlight the global perspective of the news and information that we provide. This has been implemented across hard news as well as soft news. We give equal importance to every country instead of focussing on just the prominent ones.

Apart from being a news organisation that promotes global journalism, The Global Panorama aims to be a community of journalists living in different parts of the world. We intend to encourage collaboration and facilitate a healthy exchange of important journalistic values among our members. We also encourage exchange of ideas between our journalists to help them to get a local perspective on the stories they are pursuing, giving them a micro perspective on a macro topic.

At a time when media ethics are constantly questioned, The Global Panorama aims to be a trusted news source by adhering to moral expectations. In an age of ‘patronising’ journalism, we believe in unopinionated and unbiased news reporting that would allow readers to make an informed decision for themselves.

Everyone at The Global Panorama is extremely passionate about making a difference by using their journalistic skills. In order to translate that into action, we allow journalists to throw light on an issue that they are passionate about.