Cecile Boyer,

Correspondent (Film)


Kick-Ass 2 (releasing in Asia, Europe and North America):

If you enjoyed the delightful originality of Kick-Ass, you will adore its sequel, directed by Jeff Wadlow. In this film, we continue following the adventures of Dave Lizewski (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). He decides to collaborate with a group of normal citizens, who dedicate themselves to fight crime in superhero costumes. On the other side, the Red Mist plans his sweet revenge on Kiss-Ass. Get a dose of the action with its trailer!

Jobs (releasing in India and the United States):lol

Want to know more about the genius that was Steve Jobs? If so, this film, directed by Joshua Michael Stern, is made for you. Jobs focuses on the successful story of the creator of Apple, played by Ashton Kutcher, from his difficult beginnings to his incredible leadership in the computer world. Take an interest in the man who has changed our lives. Get a glimpse into the movie through its trailer.

Everyday Is Like Sunday (releasing in Canada):

Here is some comedy! Everyday Is Like Sunday, directed by Pavan Moondi, tells the story of Mark (David Dineen-Porter), Flora (Coral Osborne) and Jason (Adam Gurfinkel), who all try in different ways to enter the terrifying word of adults. Check out the trailer!

Tiny-Times-2-2013-4Tiny Times (releasing in Taiwan):

Tiny Times is a Chinese film directed by Jinming Guo. The film follows a group of four friends close to the fashion world in Shanghai. While they devote themselves to their work, the four characters realise that not all dreams can come true. Find the trailer here.

The Slut Always Rides Shotgun (releasing in the United States):

Directed by Nate Lyles, this drama tackles the issue of sex addiction through a man who cannot control his sexual desires. This dependence is pictured as a disease, which cannot be cured but accepted as a part of oneself. Moreover, the film does not judge sex addicts. Watch the trailer of this film.

The Anonymous People (releasing in the United States):MV5BMTc4MTU4MTQ0MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTY5NjUzOQ@@._V1_SX214_

Let us continue with addiction issue! The Anonymous People is a documentary directed by Greg D. Williams that sheds light on the 23 million Americans, who carry out their day-to-day fight against alcohol and/or drug addiction. If you want some more knowledge about this social phenomenon, start by watching the trailer!

Gamgi (Releasing in South Korea):

Gamgi, a South-Korean film directed by Sung-su Kim, shows Bundang — a suburb of Seoul — threatened by an epidemic. The origins of the virus remains unknown and the vaccine is unlikely to be found. And yet, some people will not give up until finding the cure. A true disaster film! (Sounds like she is terming the movie as a disaster! I suggest, we remove it)

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