Mati Maravanyika,

Editor (Africa)


DAR ES SALAAM – Tanzania has launched its first commuter train service in the commercial capital of Dar es Salaam. With a population of over 2 million, the service helps to ease out the extreme congestion on the roads of the city.

The trains are reported to be running during the peak hour on two routes in the morning and the evening. One track covering a 15.5-mile journey between the Mwakanga and Tazara railway stations, while the second track covers a 12.4-mile journey between the Ubungo-Maziwa and City stations. Harrison Mwakyembe, the transport minister and several passengers managed to board a train. The train service has been well received amongs citizens who hope that with time it will be expanded.

The principal method of transport in Dar es Salaam is Daladalas, which are commuter minibuses. However, that may soon change, as tickets for the train service cost considerably less at 400 Tanzanian shillings (£0.15) than Daladala fares, which cost 500-1,000 shillings. The fact that the launch of this train service is cheap will improve the lives of residents in a country riddled with poverty and will effectively improve Dar es Salaam’s transport network.

Image Courtesy: J.w.H. van der Waal (Wiki Commons) Released under the GNU Free Documentation License


  1. Mati,

    I hope Harare, Zimbabwe and other cities like Omaha, Nebraska will introduce a similar commuter train service. Indeed, it improves peoples lives, reduces our dependence on oil and carbon emmision because there are less car on the road.

    Barbara Taylor Maodzwa