This Christmas gift guide will give you some beauty product inspiration, which will leave you running into your favourite department store and asking for all the beautifully packaged products to place in your stocking. Also, when you are faced with the awkward yet inevitable situation when the overly friendly girl from block 5 decides to give everyone a present, you will be prepared. So let’s get started with the beauty product Christmas wish list 2016:


Let’s begin chronologically and start with the first essential beauty product in your make-up routine, the ultimate skin saver, a primer. The search for the perfect primer feels like a never ending journey. However, this Christmas wish list may solve this beauty dilemma. The Benefit Pore Professional Primer will become your new best friend this season and will ensure your foundation stays where you want it to be. Therefore, when you and your girls attempt to take a selfie your face will be glowing in all the right places.


Foundations – you will always here that the new launch of a foundation is ‘the best’ or the ‘perfect match’ but making the decision is always difficult. However, with the launch of the Urban Decay foundation this year, this little gem could be your skin saviour. The ‘All Nighter Full Coverage Longwear Liquid foundation’ is dedicated to keeping your skin looking fresh and flawless from 9pm to the early hours of the morning after your Christmas do finishes.


Urban decay has well and truly done it again; they have brought out a stunning new ‘Naked Ultimate Basics Palette’ which will have you covered for every party situation this season. The colours are stunning and cater for the girls who love a bit of natural beauty and the others who enjoy a pop of colour on their eyes. The palette itself is stunning and the gold outer decoration feels very luxurious. So if you want to treat yourself this year with a new makeup product or someone who you know loves experimenting with new colours then why not give this palette a go.


Finally, a Christmas beauty wish list wouldn’t be complete without a new bright lipstick. The new ‘Liptensity’ lipstick by MAC will have you covered (well your lips at least) and look beautiful and festive. The range comes in some stunning colours such as ‘Mulling spices’ and ‘Double Fudge’. These will fit nicely in a stocking or a lovely little present for a close friend.

So there it’s, the beauty products wish list 2016 to give you some ideas for what to put under the tree or possibly in a secret Santa, because let’s face it what girl wouldn’t want one of these stunning make-up products.

– Charlotte Morse, Correspondent (Fashion)

Image Courtesy: Elena Roussakis (, Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic | Flickr