Many students flick through glossy fashion magazines longing to be able to wear the latest trends, but feel unable to do so on such a tight budget. Dressing smartly at university is essential and can be achieved through some various tips and tricks which will be explained below.

Capsule Wardrobe 

Opening up your wardrobe and calling down to your housemate that you have ‘nothing to wear’ is probably a regular occurrence. However, a capsule wardrobe allows you to mix and match items and ensures you do not feel the need to splash the cash on outfits which you may only wear once. Key pieces such as black jeans, winter coat, a cream jumper and an LBD are items that are classic and will last from season to season.


Not everyone has been gifted with the ability to sew and stitch, however, there are some simple fashion hacks which can be found online to show you how. The temptation to invest in the latest fashion trends is sometimes almost too much, but by carrying out a little basic DIY to some pieces enables you to feel as though you have just purchased that lacy on trend cardigan you saw earlier.


As mentioned earlier, a capsule wardrobe is a key to looking smart and sophisticated at University. However, a plain white shirt sometimes needs a little extra to make an outfit stand out. Therefore, a statement necklace or red handbag can bring life to an outfit and a pop of colour to the university campus.

Charity shop

Charity shops enable a whole new world to be opened up to students as they are filled with timeless pieces wanting to be cherished by someone new. Many students who have spoken to me have expressed their need for charity shops as they enable classic vintage pieces to be bought for a fraction of the price.

Overall it seems that it is possible to look smart and stylish as a student but remains in control of your money. Therefore, you are able to go to the student party on a Friday night and not turn up wearing the same dress as Sophie from your biology class.

Charlotte Morse, Correspondent (Fashion)