AMMAN – The United Nations has announced it will resume aid to around 85,000 Syrian refugees stranded on the Jordanian border.

Jordan closed its border on the June 21 after an ISIS bombing killed seven soldiers.

The refugees, who are mainly women and children, live in two makeshift camps.

A UN statement said: The resumption of assistance comes at the start of the coldest period of the year, when temperatures can drop dangerously low.”

They said the aid includes food, winter clothing, blankets and hygiene kits.

Since the June attacks only one aid delivery other than water was allowed. In August cranes were used to send food into the Hadalat and Rukban displacement camps.

Jordan has taken in as many as 1.5 million Syrians since the war began according to its government, though the UN puts the number at 600,000.

In August King Abdullah had said Jordan was “doing its utmost to help refugees.” However he also added: “We have reached out limits. This is an international crisis and an international responsibility. The world has to do its part.”

In September, Amnesty International said more than 75,000 Syrian refugees were stuck in “hellish” conditions in an arid region between Syria and Jordan.

It is believed the Jordanian government came to an agreement with the UN to resume aid deliveries. UN agencies have described those stuck on the Jordanian borders as being among the most desperate of refugees fleeing the five year Syrian conflict.

Jamie Prentis, Correspondent (Asia: Middle East)