Credit: Inter Services Public Relations

TTP spokesperson claims the responsibility of first ever worst attack in troubled region

ISLAMABAD – At least 131 people including children have been killed and many more injured, when 5-6 terrorists’ gunmen stormed military run school in Peshawar, provincial capital of North Western frontier part of Pakistan.

According to details, five to six militants’ gunmen entered in Army Public School located at Warsak Road, Peshawar confined with more than 500 students in grade 1-10 thought to be aged 5-16 and spraying bullets randomly, going from classroom to classroom.

In the first ever attack of this scale in the troubled region by militants, more than 126 people including a large number of children around 84 has been killed and 80 injured in exchange of gunfire, who have been shifted to Lady Reading Hospital.

The Spokesperson of the hospital informed that a number of injured people and children are bearing critical injuries.

The personnel of Special Forces of Pakistan Army rushed to the scene and exchanged fire with the militants. Eye-witnesses described how students cowered under desks as dead bodies were strewn along corridors.

Security personnel – on condition not to be named – said that one among five other terrorists blew himself up when Pakistan Armed Force has launched an operation to save the lives of hostage children and school’s staff, which is under way.

A parliamentarian from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Shaukat Yousufzai says that the main area of the school, including the junior section, has been cleared and that the operation has shifted to the administrative block where the terrorists are holed up.

He also says that the terrorists carried out a blast, possibly by a suicide bomber, in a portion of the school where an event was being held.

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif called the massacre a ‘national tragedy’ and has reached on the scene to supervise the operation clean-up against holed up militants.

Reports revealed that Taliban has taken the responsibility of worst attack on school to target children and females. ‘We selected the army’s school for the attack because the government is targeting our families and females,’ said Taliban spokesman Muhammad Umar Khorasani. ‘We want them to feel the pain.’

Mudassar Abbas, a physics laboratory assistant at the school, said some students were celebrating at a party when the attack began. “I saw six or seven people walking class-to-class and opening fire on children,” he said.

A student who survived the attack said soldiers came to rescue students during a lull in the firing.

“When we were coming out of the class we saw dead bodies of our friends lying in the corridors. They were bleeding. Some were shot three times, some four times,” the student said.

‘There is a graveyard attached to back wall of the school that is run by Pakistani Military, most of the students studying in this school were children of military officers.

One of the survived students, Shuja khan claimed that ‘the attack took place the time a senior military officer started his address during the function that was going on inside the school’, adding ‘I am not sure but he was the Corp Commander Peshawar who when he started his speech terrorists opened fire on the students sitting in the function.’

While speaking with media-men, army officer Brigadier Mehmood Shah informed that militants could not have entered the school through main gate, adding “there was a graveyard behind the school which is how militants entered the school”, he maintained.

Till filling the story, the military operation was under way.

Zeeshan Javaid, Correspondent (Asia: South)