NEW YORK – Recent comments by President-elect Donald J. Trump has caused concern for America’s European allies after Trump claimed that NATO is “obsolete”.

In his first UK interview since his election, Trump commented on several policy issues he is expected to address in his policies including the Brexit, US relations with Germany and Russia, and NATO.

Trump declared NATO “obsolete” because “it wasn’t taking care of terror”. He also stated that “the countries aren’t paying their fair share so we’re supposed to protect countries but a lot of these countries aren’t paying what they’re supposed to be paying, which I think is very unfair to the United States. With that being said, Nato is very important to me”.

Trump’s critiques were not exclusive to NATO but also included the EU, stating that “Britain’s decision to leave the European Union would end up being a great thing and predicted that other countries would follow.”

“People, countries want their own identity, and the UK wanted its own identity”

Since the beginning of the presidential race Trump’s foreign policy was unclear at best; suffering from numerous vague and sometimes even contradictory statements. However, the direction of these comments are a cause of worry as signs of a potential catalyst for a break of the historical US-European alliance.

At the same time, Mr. Trump seems to be leaning toward a more cooperative relationship with Russia. Trump hinted in his discussion with Germany’s Bild and the Times of London at the possibility of lifting US sanctions Russia as part of nuclear reduction deal.

Europe responded by reasserting the EU’s independence from the US and it’s ability and need to stand up to Trump. German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, said in response to Trump’s comment on her refugee policy that “we Europeans have our fate in our own hands”. France’s prime minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, called for the creation of an independent European defense system to break away from Europe’s dependency on the US for security.

– Lamyae Elkoussy, Correspondant (Politics)