Sugar Skull

Over the past few years traditional Halloween costumes consisted of various adaptations of cats, devils and witches, however the trends for this year are slightly different and varied allowing us all to get creative and experiment with new makeup looks. Although many opt for the easier outfits to reduce the chances of that guy you vaguely know from first year asking what exactly are you dressed as, there a few ideas which are simple yet effective.

The trends for this Halloween consist of many looks taken from films such as the recent release of suicide squad featuring the gorgeous Margot Robbie who plays Harley Quinn. The look features a bright red lippy which is slightly smudged and plenty of eye makeup, not to mention the buckets of blusher. The multi coloured hair is also pretty eye catching and will stand out in all of the group pictures you will undoubtedly have during the night.

Following on from the film trends, it seems characters such as Little Red Riding Hood and Wednesday Adams are still front runners this Halloween. They are simple yet effective to create and mean you won’t have to necessarily buy a whole outfit for it to complete the look.

Mystical looks can be seen everywhere this halloween, featuring on social media with many retailers opting for tutorials for mermaid costumes and mermaid makeup. Traditionally, Halloween looks have focused mostly on the objective of scaring everyone around you. However times have changed and now it is common to arrive at Halloween party and be surrounded by a guy in a banana suit and a gingerbread man.

Although, many of the traditional costumes aren’t necessarily chosen anymore, the creepy rag doll makeup look is still going strong and still looks pretty effective. It enables you to experiment with new makeup ideas and colours, but means you are able to wear that cute new blue midi dress you bought last week and still look like you have made a real effort.

The sugar skull makeup look is also on trend this year and makes for a rather effective Instagram post. There are many YouTube tutorials on how to create this look and is a great one to do with a group of friends.So why not grab a selection of eye liners, pop on your makeup and strike a pose.

These looks will enable you to stay up to date with the latest trends, but not spend hours and hours in front of a mirror trying to perfect the look. So when you turn up the Halloween ball, you can walk in with a brand new on-trend outfit and not be the 110th cat to the party.

– Charlotte Morse, Correspondent (Fashion)