Start your day with Pinocchio

No, you are not going to Disneyland. You will only be heading to Zemun, one of the most beautiful suburbs in Belgrade, where you can have breakfast at Pinocchio. Most travellers agree that this place has the tastiest euro-cream pancakes in Belgrade.

Be a local at Republic Square

The first thing you can do after breakfast is taking a walk at the very heart of Belgrade where the statue of Prince Michael stands. Referred to by locals as “the most famous horse in Serbia”, the statue is known as the symbol of Belgrade, and the first picture you will see once you google the city. From Republic square, you can take a walk in the city centre and in the local souvenir shops where everybody is friendly and welcoming. Do not forget to grab a spicy Pleskavica on the go for lunch.

See the historical Belgrade

Once you come to the end of the city centre, you will be greeted by detailed signs guiding you to Kalemegdan Fortress, the old citadel where multiple civilisations and tribes had resided for centuries. Feel the ancient touch with the war presentations and enjoy the mesmerising hill view of River Sava and the Danube tracing the whole city.

Every day is summer at Ada Ciganlija

You might want to relax by the “sea” after a long walk/climb of Belgrade Fortress. A good idea is to go all the way to Ada Ciganlija, a river island which has been artificially turned into a peninsula and one of the most popular tourist attractions.

End the day at a Floating Bar

In Belgrade, every night is a Friday night, especially in summer. But why go to a regular bar when you can spend your night at a floating river club, also called “splavs” ? Serbian music is a must if you are seeking a complete cultural experience. Enjoy your night out at a splav; and why not book a night at a floating hostel as well later on? “Arka Barka” is one of the calmest, friendliest floating hostels with a natural river lullaby before sleeping.

There is definitely a whole lot of Belgrade than just what is included in this article. However, if you follow the advice and guidance you are reading here, your unforgettable trip to this historical city is guaranteed. Enjoy diving into the Balkan world and living in WWI for a day!

– Rahma Henchiri, Correspondent (Travel)