Who has never dreamt of vacationing in mesmerising Greece? But while it is easy to book your flight and pack, it can be harder to actually find your dream vacation rental. This article rounds up the five best Airbnb places in Attica Region, Mainland Greece to help you add the final touches to your dream vacation.

An OASIS in the centre of Athens (Athens)

Are you one of those who likes exploring the city and visiting popular landmarks full of other explorers, but prefers spending some time alone and forgetting the hustle and bustle of the city life later on? This place might be tailored for you. It is hard to remember you are actually in the very centre of Athens with its calm atmosphere and bohemian style. Picturing a small Greek village, this place is “perfect for travel writers, journalists or business travellers” as its host says. It is also perfect for lemonade lovers since you have your own lemon tree to use freely.

Eleni’s fully hand-decorated bright apartment (Ilioupoli)

How often can you stay in an apartment where everything is handmade? Well, in Attica Region, you have the chance to stay at Eleni’s colourful and bright apartment that she has spent years on decorating with her handmade crafts, furniture, paintings, etc. The apartment is spacious and “has a welcoming atmosphere” as most of the previous guests agree on.

Magical Seaview Loft (Piraeus)

Placed just by the seashore and Marina Zea, this place is the perfect choice for those who enjoy a calm, soothing atmosphere and who would like to witness both sunrise and sunset right from their balcony. Not only does it have a modern decoration style from the hardwood floor to the electric fireplace, but it also has a unique architecture that is rather rare among Greek rentals. Bonus fact: it is so close to Piraeus port in case you want to do some island-hopping afterwards.

Street Art House (Athens)

Yes, you read it right! This is the fruit of hard work done by three young Greek artists inspired by the Athenian central streets. The house was built and designed from scratch by them from the basics to the ‘Life Cycle’ motivational wall. The place can accommodate up to seven people. Just gather your “art gang” and go on Airbnb.

Fairytale 5-star loft (Kallithea)

We all know that there is a child that lives inside of each one of us. So why not let that child choose your vacation rental? This loft/duplex is the perfect escape from the busy city or even from reality to fairyland. Paintings, fairy statues and colourful furniture are but few of the artistic touches your Airbnb host has prepared for you. Oh, and you have your own gym upstairs!

– Rahma Henchiri, Correspondent (Travel)