Vaiva Seskeviciute,

Correspondent (Art)


Frozen images of translucent liquid in motion compose the new series of photographs made by Israeli artist Moses Hacmon. ‘Faces of water’ exposes the movement that has never been captured before; the flow of water pictures a moment in clear three-dimensional space through a reaction of light and endless transformations. ‘Water always takes the form of the basin it is in. But without water itself, there is movement that we can’t see happening all the time. I wanted to capture this movement and see the pure shapes water takes.’ says the artist.

9 202aHacmon has spent eleven years trying to find a way to capture the transparent liquid. The result is a photographic negative that is transformed into a positive one. ‘I couldn’t use the camera or device that captures light. Visible light passes through water as if it wasn’t there, or reflects on a surface of it like a mirror. I developed a technique that captures the movement itself within the water. By using a liquid film made out of other particles, I can work with the water and its liquid state and then apply it on any surface. The entire process is analogue so the details in each image are infinite. In these images you can see familiar forms and understand their origin. The images exceeded all my expectations and I felt for the first time that I’m not looking at my own reflection on the surface of water. For the first time I was face to face with water.’

‘Faces of water’ seeks to broaden the accessibility of visual information about the environment and thus help to understand the world better. It is one of the USA projects that currently seeks funding to exhibit the photography throughout schools and other organisations with an educational purpose. ‘My goal is to create large-scale print and show the amazing complexity of forms within water. The images are eye opening – a new window into the way we see our ocean. They will transform our understanding about the role water plays in shaping our world and sustaining our life.’

Through his project, Hacmon seeks to create a deeper connection between human beings and water – both spiritually and physically. ‘Whether you are religious, an atheist or scientist, we all agree on one thing – that life started in water. Without water there would be no life on earth. Life as we know it was shaped by water.’

The outstanding images of water energy in motion are now conquering arts exhibitions. For more information about the tour starting in Los Angeles on the 11th of November, 2013, visit https://www.facebook.com/FacesOfWater