Museum Night

Vaiva Seskeviciute,

Correspondent (Art)


On August 3, 2013, 16 museums opened their doors in Antwerp, Belgium, for the ninth annual Museum Night. From 7 pm till 1 am the museums’ fever had been spread all across the city inviting more than 7,000 art-lovers to spend their night in a non-traditional way.

A huge range of different museums including MASFoMuCinema ZuidLetterenhuisM HKA and others participated in the event. According to the organisers, Prospecta, 30,000 visits were registered, which is around four museum visits per person. Based on the origins and the theme of the museum, exhibitions varied from classic art works and sculptures to innovative installations, modern photography and contemporary art production.

During the event, museums that are located all around the town disclosed their creative side. Some of them entertained their visitors with Latin music and poetry, while others chose more modern ways, including open bars, DJs and workshops. The contributor to the event, Michiel from the ModeMuseum, says, “This night is the way for the people to get to know art better. I think people who are not used to coming to museums that often have a great opportunity to do that now. Workshops are the new way to attract people and let them see what is inside the museum so that they get to know it in a different way.”

The spokesperson Bert de Vlegelaer from the contemporary arts museum M HKA asserts: “Antwerp is a very important city in Belgium, for culture, fashion and music and tonight we want to show the potential of all Antwerp’s museums. It is a great way of introducing all museums to the audience and letting people enjoy what we can offer. M HKA is a contemporary art museum that has a very rich addition of Belgium artists. This museum is locally rooted but globally connected – come round and be surprised.”

‘You ain’t seen nothing yet’ — the phrase that crowned the Museum Night 2013 sounds like a challenge for the organisers of the tenth event next year.

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