Travelling can become a great opportunity to escape from our daily hectic routines and explore the world. Sometimes even giving us the chance to indulge in the comfort and luxuries that each travel destination has to offer. If you’re looking to embrace the finer things in life, here are five travel destinations that could be great for a luxurious experience in terms of scenic views, food and accommodation.


There is plenty to be done in a country as small as Singapore. As it continues developing into a highly modernised and cosmopolitan nation, it becomes a home to many luxury offerings. The luxurious experience starts once you step into the internationally raved Changi Airport. From famous accommodations such as the Marina Bay Sands Hotel (featuring it’s widely photographed infinity pool), to world-class entertainments such as cruises along the waters of Sentosa, there are endless options to consider.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

It is no secret that many people go to Dubai to enjoy the high life. If you’re a shopaholic who cannot resist making luxury purchases, this may just be the place for you. In addition to shopping, Dubai also offers Michelin-rated restaurants for fine dining, and allows travellers to experience luxurious hospitality at lavishly decorated resorts and hotel.

Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Travellers looking to get a peaceful and soothing retreat would enjoy this destination! Nature lovers can enjoy picturesque views of alpines and grand mountains, and adventurers would enjoy skiing in the Alps. The Swiss Alps not only provides amazing scenic views, there are also many stunning hotels and retreats, and superb spa services that reside here. All of this enjoyed amongst the clear and refreshing Swiss air.


This is the perfect destination for beach lovers. Apart from the breath taking views of the clear blue waters and soft white sand, Maldives is also home to many beautiful and comfortable bungalows and villas that are available for rent. A place of relaxation, travellers can calm their mind and body when they hire a private masseuse to attend to them directly. It is definitely on the bucket list for any luxury traveller.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Located along the beautiful Mediterranean waters, Monte Carlo is no stranger to luxury travellers. With many world-renowned casinos situated in this small country, it is rated highly on splendour and richness. Aside from its wide range of splendid luxury accommodations, it is also no surprise to spot many fancy and extravagant yachts and cars around Monaco. A walk around town would show anyone that Monte Carlo is one of the top luxury destinations.

Have these destinations tempt you into the life of luxury just yet?

Priscilla Lim, Correspondent (Travel)