By and large, winning an award denotes a success of some kind. To hold in our hands some kind of trophy is a proud moment for many of us.

This year, it is the turn of the Victoria and Albert Museum, the go-to museum in London for all things art-related. Named after the longest-running monarch of England and her beloved partner, this museum has achieved a status equal to that of its namesake.

A number of tours are held regularly, so art buffs can pursue their interests with ease. Examples include the Daily Introduction Tour (a generic tour covering the history of the museum and its many treasures), the Medieval and Renaissance Tour, and the Britain Tour. Many of art’s finest pieces down the ages are chronicled in this museum. With an award in the bag, the museum perhaps now deserves to take on a historical significance in its own right.

However, the tours are not the only way in which guests can learn of art and its history. The Learning Academy provides further chances to do just that. Through bookable courses, customers can learn all the more details of the fascinating history of art, or indeed of working in a museum. For many people, learning is a life-long quest, as it should be: clearly, the Victoria and Albert Museum gives us all a chance to do just that.

And now, this very museum has been recognized for its excellence. The Art Fund Museum of the Year Award is the largest annual museum award, recognizing the achievements of a particular museum over the years. This year, the Victoria and Albert Museum was one of five finalists, the other four of which include Arnolfini (Bristol), Bethlem Museum of the Mind (London), Jupiter Artland (Edinburgh) and York Art Gallery (Yorkshire).

Martin Roth, the museum director, accepted the award at a ceremony hosted at the Natural History Museum. Mr Roth, along with the rest of his staff, must be content in the knowledge that the public interest in their museum is a long way from waning.

When in London and in search of an artistic pursuit, the Victoria and Albert Museum should be at the top of the list for places to go. It has, after all, been noted by Stephen Deuchar, the art fund director and chair of the judges for the award, that“This year it has indisputably become one of the best museums in the world”

– Luke Mayo, Correspondent (Art)