Dipika Rangasami,

Editor (Business)

Karl Slym, the Managing Director of TATA Motors, fell to his death from the 22nd floor of his Shangri-La hotel room on early Sunday morning. The 51-year-old, British businessman was staying in the hotel in Bangkok with his wife, while attending board meetings for the company in Thailand.

His body was found on Sunday morning by the hotel staff on the fourth floor. Thai police officials also found a three-page note that Slym had with him when he died.

The body was set to undergo further analyses through a postmortem on Monday. His death however has currently been treated as an act of suicide by the officials. The lead investigator of the incident, Lieutenant Somyot Boonyakaew, stated, “We didn’t find any sign of a struggle… from my initial investigation we believe he jumped.”

Lietenant Boonyakaew noted the cause of Mr. Slym’s death as having been a conscious effort by suggesting the window to his (Slym’s) room, which was found to be open was of a considerably small size for an accidental slip to have occurred.

Slym’s wife, who was informed of her spouse’s death in the morning, was reportedly shocked but provided light as to the three page note found with her husband’s body.

Officials then revealed that the night before jumping off the bedroom window, Slym and his wife had a heated argument regarding family problems. After which she left him to go write a letter containing her feelings about the situation before heading off to bed.

Karl Slym, who joined TATA Motors in late 2012, was appointed as the Managing Director of the renowned Indian conglomerate in an attempt by the company to revive its dwindling sales in the region.

Following his sudden demise on Sunday, TATA Chairman Cyrus Mistry, in an official statement noted having lost a “valued colleague” in Slym and someone who had provided “strong leadership” for the company. Mistry also conveyed his condolences to Slym’s wife and family in the statement.

Image Courtesy: Balaji.B (http://www.flickr.com/photos/bbalaji/2190642691/sizes/l/)