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The year 2012 has meant a lot for music. It is fair to say that from Call Me Maybe to being Sexy and I Know It becoming global phenomenons, this year will remain influential for perhaps decades. Here, I wish to highlight the best and most influential mainstream tracks of 2012 in a succinct, yet, enlightening journey of the best songs of 2012 from ten to one.


10)  Impossible – James Arthur: The X Factor does it again with James Arthur, winner of the ninth series of the UK X Factor, with his cover of Shontelle’s 2010 song Impossible. The single topped the UK singles chart in its first week of release. It became the fastest-selling X Factor winners’ single so far, reaching over 255,000 downloads within just 48 hours.


9) Miss Atomic Bomb: Inspired by Nuclear awareness groups, this track continues to maintain a long held and high achieving legacy for the killers working in the alternative rock field.


8) Gold on the Ceiling – The Black Keys: This lyrically relevant single was used to mark the London 2012 Olympics and used to collate video sequences from the event.


7) Die Young – Kesha: This self-motivating track was very successful. It was Kesha’s eighth hit to make it into the top ten in many countries around the globe.  A must play at any night club; this single is gutsy and captures the essence of living for the moment.


6) Sweet Nothing – Calvin Harris ft Florence and the Machine: Released in August 2012, this track is taken from the singer’s third studio album titled 18 Months. It also marked his first number one single in the UK since 2009. Florence and the Machine, leave fans not disappointed with this power pumping tune.


5) Feel the Love – Rudimental: Featured on Video Game Need for Speed, this track does just this. It’s up tempo and the repetitive saxophone riff coupled with its punchy and vibrant drums leave quite an atmosphere on the dance floor.


4) Some Nights – Fun: This track has helped the band achieve six Grammy nominations to date and was their first single release to break out of the US and into the international charts.


3) Anything Can Happen – Ellie Goulding: Lasting eight weeks in the chart in over thirteen countries, this singer/songwriter has maintained her place in the charts throughout this year, creating dynamic and capturing music videos and sustaining her career and dedicated fans.


2) Call Me Maybe- Carly Rae Jepsen: This track by Canadian singer/songwriter was nominated for two Grammy Awards and was named Song of the Year 2012  by MTV. Creating numerous and global covers on YouTube, this release has been covered by many popular bands.




And Now, For the Number 1 Spot…

Psy_(8541730854) (1)

1) Gangnam Style – PSY: Released July 2012, this iconic track has been viewed over 984 million times on YouTube and is, undeniably, the most memorable track – for better or for worse. The track has become an ultimate party classic as the dance moves beckon and will, undoubtedly, be remembered.


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