SAN HOSÉ – Just two days after five Syrian men travelling to the US with stolen passports were arrested in Honduras, Costa Rica has now arrested a Syrian woman travelling with a fake Greek passport.

Costa Rican authorities believe that the woman had flown to Costa Rica from Peru and was arrested in a hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital city.

These weren’t the only cases that emerged. A sixth Syrian man, who flew in to Honduras from El Salvador, was sent back again. Moreover, in Paraguay, police detained a seventh Syrian man, who was again travelling on a stolen Greek passport.

Authorities in Honduras have confirmed that the five arrested Syrians who were initially arrested were refugees seeking asylum and there was no evidence to suggest that they had any Islamist links.

They were arrested once officials believed that they were travelling on stolen Greek passports. On interrogation, the group of five Syrian men confessed that four of them were students, while the fifth was a professional worker.

For years, experts believe that migrants and asylum seekers from Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and other countries attempt to gain entry into the US through Central American nations as well as Mexico. However, the recent arrests have sparked fears that if these routes can be used by migrants, they can be used by terrorist outfits too.

The Global Panorama