Everyone needs a day where they do nothing. Where they just sit down with the nicest, warmest, pinkest blanket they’ve got. Where they attempt to forget the troubles their busy week brought about. Where they drown their sorrows in a steaming cup of English breakfast tea, or coffee, if you can handle it. Whether it’s work-related stress, love drama or just ‘i need to lazy day’, a movie marathon Sunday always creates tranquillity. Whatever the reason, an old romance film is sure to create a safety blanket around you, along with your literal pink one, until you’re ready for that dreaded Monday morning.

So here’s to the old romantics that save Sundays, picked by us.

Pretty Woman, 1990 Pretty Woman, 1990

To start the Sunday off and get the butterflies flying, Pretty Women is perfect for all those “I want the fairytale” people. It has the broken prince charming who’s afraid of any commitment beyond the obvious, and the heroine that is Julia Roberts. What more could you want?

Dirty Dancing, 1987

As you slowly wake up, Patrick Swayze dancing on screen is sure to change your mood from gloom to bright. The old classic romance, beloved by many, tells the story of a young woman looking for adventure – and we all want that, right? From all-time favourite songs such as Time of My Life to the inspiring sensual dancing, Dirt Dancing is a must on your Sunday movie marathon list.

Top Gun, 1986

Tom Cruise. Do you need more? Okay, this movie involves fast fighter jets and Tom Cruise. This is the perfect movie if you want to watch a romance with your boyfriend, who refuses to watch anything that is not full of guns and other macho stuff. This does have macho stuff and romance! It’s the best combination.

Titanic, 1997Titanic, 1997

One of the most heart-wrenching romances ever has got to be an essential to your Sunday marathon list. With Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, you know you’ve to go it right. The two play characters that are polar opposites, setting our screens alight. Intense and exciting, the movie ends with a gentle tone and the willingness for women to accept independence, no matter how the opportunity arises.

Cocktail, 1988

Another Tom Cruise, of course. Cocktail examples the life of an ambitious bartender who falls for a care-fee girl whilst in the Caribbean. The tropics, with white beaches, little drink umbrella’s and lots of love is the best way to end your end movie marathon. This movie has it all: new romances, one night stands, bereavement and cocktails. A happy ending is always the best way to end your Sunday.


– Emilymae Darby, Correspondent (Film)