Other than action movies,  the martial arts genre is one of my favourites. It provides with well-choreographed action, intense drama, poetic storytelling and iconic scenes that stay with you forever.

Here are my five recommendations for the must-watch movies in the genre:
Kung_Fu_Cult_MasterThe Evil Cult

One of the first martial arts movies that I was introduced to it is gold. It is filled with great fight scenes, a well thought out story and a lot of humour. You would be surprised how funny it is given the dire situations the characters are in. Starring Jet Li it is one of his early films and shows his skill as an actor. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a raw and authentic martial arts movie.

Crouching_tiger_hidden_dragon_posterCrouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

This is a classic and you’ve most likely heard of it. It is well paced and you go on a journey with the characters. You don’t automatically like the main characters. It is filled with the most iconic fight scenes such as the one in the bamboo forest and has a lot of plot twists that you don’t see coming. It is tragic but worth watching.

House_of_Flying_Daggers_posterHouse of Flying Daggers

Another classic, House of Flying Daggers is the mother of all plot twists. It takes you by surprise in every turn and is epic in its storytelling. The elements of love, angst and betrayal are mixed seamlessly. A must have on the list.


A western take on martial arts this movie is about three brothers who excel at ninjutsu because of their Japanese grandfather’s tutelage. If you don’t feel like having your marathon alone the 3 Ninjas is a great movie to watch with your kids, friends, niece and nephew… anyone really. It’s great for the whole family.

Karate_kidKarate Kid

Last but not least is another western classic. I’m talking about the original Karate Kid with Daniel and his teacher Mr Miyagi. It’s an iconic movie for a good reason, you don’t just learn about martial arts but you learn life lessons along with Mr Miyagi.

– Gift Ruremesha, Correspondent (Film)