Africa Editor (Ferhiyo Ismail Ali)

The violence in South Sudan has increasingly worsened over the past few weeks, as ethnic clashes have left many dead. Many bodies have been discovered at a burial site.

Toby Lazer has said: “there is absolutely no doubt…that thousands have been killed.”

A Journalist who is in South Sudan at present – Hannah McNeish, has said: “The UN has said there are over 50,000 people who are sheltering at their bases.”

The UN has voted to increase the size of its force to 12,500 from 7,000.

Recent reports have suggested that that British citizens are among the 3,000 foreign travellers who have been trapped amongst the violence triggered by rebels.

Thousands of civilians, it has been reported, to have found protection at an overstretched UN base. 20,000 people are sheltering in Juba and another 17,000 in Bor.

Since the country won independence in 2011, it has been struck by ethnic divisions and corruption. Though, reports against humanity will be investigated as UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has stated.

Ethnic divisions have broadened since, leaving the country in a state of concern as it has taken a turn into undesired violence, inculcating fear in the hearts of many civilians and foreign travellers who are in South Sudan at present.


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