Sleeping may seem like the most unlikely activity for achieving beauty in any way, but it has actually been proven to be one of the simplest and most effective beauty hacks! Forget about spending your money on cleansing oils or exfoliating scrubs, your body naturally repairs itself during your sleep, making it a worthy beauty investment. Here’s why 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep can benefit your health and beauty!

Less wrinkles and fine lines

New collagen is able to regenerate when you sleep. With more collagen, the skin is able to appear more firm and plump, thus prevents sagging and wrinkles. Insufficient sleep can also make our skin drier, making the fine lines on our face much more apparent.

Radiant skin

Sleep for healthy skin! Your nightly snooze helps facilitate blood flow in your body, giving you a radiant, glowing complexion when you wake up. The lack of sleep lessens blood flow to the skin around our face, making us look duller.

Prevent weight gain

Sleeping is an everyday process that helps you to manage your weight. When your body experiences sleep deprivation, it increases the levels of hunger-stimulating hormones, giving you the urge to consume at irregular times. This is why staying up late can lead to excessive snacking.

Eye bags be gone

It’s no myth that the late nights can cause dark circles to form under our eyes. When blood flow is slowed down from not getting enough sleep, it is collected under your eyes, thus giving us visible dark circles. It is actually one of the most immediate effects we get after a sleepless night. Plenty of quality rest can reduce this puffiness and swelling of the eyes.

Healthy and shiny locks of hair

Hair follicles gain the necessary nutrients for healthy hair from our blood flow. When we prevent our system from disrupting our blood flow without a good dose of sleep, the hair has difficult growing, or maintaining its healthy glow. On top of that, lack of sleep also increases our level of stress, making it easier for hair loss to take place.

Overall, abundant sleep will allow you to appear healthier and brighter. Be it a long day at work or school, sleeping is a simple and great way to rejuvenate from a day’s stress. Now we know why Sleeping Beauty looked amazing after her sleep.

Priscilla Lim, Correspondent (Fashion)