7616760008_6bcf275585_zA routine guide to get a flawless and radiant skin


Cleansers are a must for every skincare regime.  They can be as cheap as chips, or they can cost a fortune if you’re brand conscious.

When on the hunt for the right cleanser, go for something gentle and alcohol-free and make sure to stay away from anything that is quite abrasive.  Be aware that some cleansers are harsh and can strip your skin of its essential oils. However, their aim is not to do that, but in fact clear off any dirt, oil, debris and make-up you have on your face.

Aim to wash your face with a cleanser at least once a day – ideally in the morning.  Cleanse your face and neck with the wash, rubbing it in a circular motion, and target areas that are especially prone to dirt and oil (nose and forehead are the usual culprits).  Cleansing your face will allow your other products to reach their full potential.


Exfoliators remove any built up dead skin cells you have lying on your face, so getting rid of them will allow your soft and healthy skin to shine through.

Aim to exfoliate your skin anywhere between one to three times a week — anything more might be too abrasive as the beads in the solution are quite tough.  It’s best to exfoliate when in the shower as the steam will open up your pores, so do this and milk this product for all it’s worth. It’s also best to exfoliate before you shave as this will reduce the chance of ingrown hairs.


The aim of a toner is to tighten your skin, reduce the appearance of pores and clear any redness and discolouration you have, so are quite handy. They additionally balance your face’s PH levels making your face less prone to bacteria. An alcohol-free toner is recommended, as they can suit any skin type and won’t strip your skin, or spark off any sensitivity.

Rub your toner directly onto your face, with a cotton pad, or something similar that will suffice and do this after you have cleansed and/or exfoliated your face. For full effectiveness, do this once a day. Toners are useful for people with oily and combination skin.


Moisturisers are a must, no matter what your skin type. Everyone’s face needs to be pampered and hydrated. They are especially important for people with dry skin to use.

Use as much as seems necessary, but a minimum of twice a day is a general guideline — after cleansing your face in the morning, and after giving your face a wipe-over at night. Careful not to over moisturise though, as your face may end up looking oily, so be aware.


Face masks aren’t essential, but they’re nice to add to your skin care regime if you’re looking for the full works.

Be careful with the type of face mask you choose, as they have a reputation of causing irritation. However that shouldn’t put you off using them, as it is good to revitalise the skin.

Every face mask out there has a different purpose; some to moisturise, others to clear acne and some for deep cleaning. When choosing your mask, pick up one with natural ingredients like cucumber or yoghurt to ensure your skin isn’t irritated. Have a look around to see which one suit you best. If you have sensitive skin, it might be best to consult with a professional before using one.

Facial cleansing wipes

Face wipes are handy to give your skin a quick wipe-over before bed and they can be very cheap.

Why use them? Your face picks up so much dirt throughout the day, mostly because of pollution, dust and bacteria lingering in the air. It’s good to clean all this off yourself to prevent pore breakouts. Aim to use one before you get your beauty sleep, as your body recovers and absorbs whatever is on your skin while you are asleep — moisture, bacteria, and everything else.

When buying any of the products named above, make sure you know what your skin type is first: oily, combination or dry.  This will help you determine which skin products are for you.  Remember, when it comes to taking care of your skin, routine is everything.

Liam Havard, Correspondent (Fashion)

Image Courtesy:Mislav Marohnić(https://www.flickr.com/photos/mislav-marohnic/7616760008),Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic | Flickr