Here comes the re-imagined live-action version of the classic we all know and love, The Jungle Book!

Disney has come back with the classic tale but this time, it’s more true to Rudyard Kipling’s original work. The story flows better and the fact that it’s live action doesn’t take away from the story.

To be honest, I did wonder if it would work as a live action film as all the characters, apart from Mowgli (Neel Sethi), are animals. How do you animate an animal enough to make it look real and without it looking silly or overly CGI-ed?

They seem to have found the formula as it was hard to tell that those animals weren’t real. I was completely drawn into the story and the relationship that Mowgli had with the wolves and Bagheera and Baloo.  It was like being drawn into another world, the world of the jungle where the rules are different and life is simple.

However, despite this, we have the character Shere Khan voiced by Idris Elba. Shere Khan brings tension to the film with his mere presence. As soon as he shows up the carefree attitude is gone and everyone tenses up. In the cinema, it was like the audience tensed up as well. As a coiled snake you know he’s going to strike but you’re not quite sure when. This made him a great villain throughout the movie; he was the driving force behind the plot. It worked well as through him he forced the other characters to acknowledge that Mowgli was indeed a man cub and that he was not of their world.

It was kind of like a coming of age story. Mowgli’s still young but he was coming to the age where the animals didn’t know what to do with him as he displayed his engineering intellect. I feel as if it was about Mowgli finding his place in the world, and as his world consisted of the jungle, finding his place in the jungle.

It was a dramatic film, the pace was fast and yet calming. The musical numbers slipped into the narrative naturally and the way they handled the elephants was better than the animated version, they seemed very majestic.

As it’s fun for all the family I would give it a five out of five

– Gift Ruremesha, Correspondent (Film)