Lady Gaga caused tumult in New York these couple last weeks promoting Joanne around the city. The mother monster first performed at Dive Bar, Nashville, where she used to sing when she started her career in New York with only 15-years-old.

Singing six songs of her brand new album, a nostalgic background behind Joanne potentially developed the perfect intimate atmosphere attributing all elements involving the bar, the artist and her public. Although Gaga started promoting Joanne since September, her schedule could not be busier. Gaga showed up at SNL (Saturday Night Live ) show, Howard Stern show and The Late Late show with James Corden (including James carpool).

As a self-declared activist, Gaga raises her voice in order to claim women equal rights in her album. On an interview with Howard Stern, Lady Gaga explains few goals she set for this new project. “I want women to be heard” Gaga explains. Joanne is dedicated to her father, Joe Germanotta and her aunt who passed away from Lupus at the age of 19 years-old. Gaga explained that her aunt was sexually assaulted which escalated her situation troubling her health. Gaga talked about her aunt during Stern interview – “She is like this goddess we worshipped in our family,” she explained to Stern.

Therefore, Joanne is about healing and connection to women around the world. Nevertheless, Gaga extends her voice to men as well. She explains that men must be able to understand what women feels, so they could help protecting women rights.

Moreover, Lady Gaga will perform at the AMA’s and she confirmed to perform at the Superbowl 2017, and to begin her world tour afterwards, which she will take it to the Rock in Rio 2017 as well.


Kings of Leon released their album titled WALLS, on October 14. They have recently announced their 2017 US tour dates on twitter, starting on January 1 at the National Harbor, Maryland.

The album brought the classic pop/rock Kings of Leon from “Only By The Night” record. Ryan Less on Pitchfork described the album as “back in that mode of offering up fast-food “WHOA-OH” sing-alongs and guitars that chime as distinctly”. Which by all means, they stuck with the same catch strategy and the product they offered from their first album – not entirely genuine or innovative.

Kings of Leon’s fans are certainly proud of what they’ve got from WALLS but critics are not well convinced about the new project. While “Waste and Moment” and “Reverend” sounds quite familiar to the mainstream garage band, a slight turn takes place when “Muchaco” plays along with less guitar, bass and drum. Will Hermes from the Rolling Stone reviewed “Muchacho” as surprisingly outstanding, “encouragingly, the best bits are the less predictable,” Hermes explains “Muchacho’ echoes the drum-machine cha-cha revival seeded by D.R.A.M and Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’.”

They also must visit Germany and the United Kingdom. Sony music Ireland congratulated the band for debuting number 1 and making it five consecutive number one albums in Ireland. They also were nominated Best Alternative at the MTV EMA 2017.


On the day before Drake’s birthday, the rapper announced four new songs during an episode of OVO Radio program, 23. Three (3) of them will be part of Drake’s new project titled “More Life” up to be released in December.

Meanwhile, “Two Birds One Stone” drakes deliberately rhymes his most recent misunderstanding with Kanye West and Kid Cudi by “You were the Man on the Moon, now just go through your phases”. Though, none of the parties has commented or confirmed the provocations. On “Fake Love”, Drake concerns again to his disillusion about close people to him, so called haters, people who he says. Not long ago he released “Keep Family Close” which intrinsically brings the same topic, as well as songs like “Energy” and “Worst Behavior”, but now accusing them to “want to take my place”.   While “Sneakin”, produced by London On Da Track, Drake also brags about being the youngest rapping. Together with 21 Savage, British rapper, Drake rings the alarm calling the squad for assistance and show their worst behaviour.

Drake turned 30th on October 25. The fourth record, then, is titled “Wanna Know”,  His most recent studio album “Views” still reigns the Billboard 200 charts for 24 weeks.

– Gabriel Santos, Correspondent (Music)