Yes, there will be spoilers in this review.

The two-hour-long epic was dark, but it felt like it focussed more on Batman rather than Superman. The narrative rested more with Batman. He was the one to take the story forward whereas Superman just reacted to situations.

The tone, however, did suit the subject matter of the movie. Superman’s character is being questioned; the press dislikes him and the hatred between him and Batman is evident.

Plus there wasn’t time in the narrative for more Superman. The time he did have was short and it felt like it got swallowed with everything else that was going on. However, they still kept the essence of him. He stands for good but in the world we live in today, it’s hard to be Superman and it is great how they made him relevant to the times. Also, his mother was amazing, she’s right he doesn’t owe the world anything, so really Superman had a choice in this movie, to save or not to save.

Onto the bad guy, the villain: Lex Luthor. From Smallville to the original movies I have always loved Lex Luthor however in this adaptation I felt that he was lacking. He was cunning, evil and did seem to be one step ahead of everyone all the time but he was just a little too crazy for me. His motives were not that strong, and I just didn’t buy it. He wasn’t so much sinister but annoying, like a child throwing the worst tantrum. But he did create Doomsday so yay?

Doomsday is another great villain who is impossible to defeat and to have him led to a fight scene, which was the main highlight for me. The action was on point. From Doomsday to the showdown between Batman and Superman it was epic. Even the scene where Batman saves Martha was epic; it showcased how Batman is a smart fighter.

Another highlight would have to be Wonder Woman. Each of the heroes had a theme song and Wonder Woman’s was the best. It set the tone for her arrival and she shone more than the men of the movie in the end. It sets her up perfectly for her solo movie. All doubts about Gal Gadot were erased in a single fight scene.

All doubts about Ben Affleck as Batman were also erased.

There were other great highlights, the cameos of Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg so nicely done, the hinting at the Justice League movie and Darkseid, and the fact that they did the Death of Superman storyline. It was a good start for DC and with each film I feel it’ll get better.

– Gift Ruremesha, Correspondent (Film)