Stepping onto the soft red carpet, cameras flashing everywhere….people shouting…. Cue alarm clock and the realisation that you have just woken up from a dream. Although red carpet looks seem a dream away they can easily be achieved by anyone to create a look that will turn heads at an upcoming ball or party. This series of articles will focus on individual looks to give you some inspiration to jazz up your evening looks which mirror the current red carpet glamour we love and adore.

This week’s article will focus upon The Great Gatsby 1920’s inspired red carpet look which will focus on vintage-inspired dresses, hair ideas and makeup ideas to finish off the whole look. So when you are all posing for that photo at the party you will feel like you have just stepped off the photoshoot for vogue.

The great thing about 1920’s dresses is that you can either opt for a full length gown or mix it up a little an instead go for a shorter fringed dress, adding plenty of glitz and glamour to your wardrobe. Many celebrities have been pictured embracing a throwback in the fashion era and embracing the Hollywood glamour of the 1920s. Also, you don’t have to look too far away to find beautiful beaded infringed dresses either as many fashion stores such as Miss Selfridge and Little Mistress have many vintage inspired dresses.

This vintage look obviously wouldn’t be complete without a makeup and hair look to emphasise the glamour. For makeup a red lip is a must as it enables your outfit to stand out but also reinforces the 1920s glamour and sophistication. A natural eye with a slight brush of mascara and dab of eyeshadow will complete the look alongside some face powder for mattifying the face. As for hair it’s all about the updos, volume and vintage faux bobs. In order to achieve these looks you can either look up tutorials online or buy vintage hair kits in many fashion stores. Your hair will not only stand out due to volume but also amongst your friends as it will add something different to your night out look.

Shoes shoes shoes….. what a beautiful word and one which need to be considered in this article to add something special to your vintage look. If you want to complete your outfit with a pair of heels but are worried about your ability to dance, then why not try a pair with a medium heel which will add a bit of height but ensure you don’t become the main topic of conversation at lunch the next day by face planting the floor.

So there we have it, the first red carpet inspired look of the series. The vintage Great Gatsby themed look will bring a hint of vogue chic to a party and turn heads as you walk into the room. By adding a dramatic lip with a stunning beaded dress you still achieve a modern look but with a hint of elegance so you can become closer to your dreams of walking down the red carpet towards the other part of great Gatsby… Leonardo DiCaprio

Charlotte Morse, Correspondent (Fashion)