BERLIN – Jaber Albakr, a 22-years-old Syrian refugee, was arrested in Leipzig, Germany. German intelligence suspects him for having ties with the Islamic State. Albakr received temporary asylum in Germany in June 2015.

Albakr spent a few months in Turkey this year and came back to Germany in August, however the intelligence has not discovered what did he do there. German spy’s chief announced that Albakr had ties to the Islamic State.

Although there is no evidence for receiving direct orders by the potential terrorist, German police informed that he was ready to carry out severe attacks. Moreover, Hans-Georg Maassen said told German television ZDF that “We succeeded in preventing a terrorist attack just minutes before midnight”.

Jaber Albakr was captured after German police had released manhunt after him. It happened due to help from another two Syrian refugees. As officials report, Albakr could follow the deadly attacks which took place in Paris and Brussels, and carry them out in Germany.

Peter Tauber, the Secretary General of Germany ruling party CDU, told the Rheinische Post: “We have to thank them for overpowering a countryman suspected of terrorism and turning him over to police.”

Mohammed A. and his fellow from Syria met Albakr at Leipzig main train station after they contacted on social network for refugees. They ate together and hosted him for one night. Then the hosts realised that Albakr matches the description of person pursued by police.

After they had contacted the police, he offered them €1,000 and $200. Nevertheless, they did not allow him to go and he was soon arrested. Suspicions arose around Albakr when he was approaching other refugees and asking for apartment in the eastern Saxony where he wanted to live alone.

Beniamin Strzeleck, Correspondent (Europe)