We take a look at another aspect of film; this time, on the runners

A lot goes into the production of a film. A whole crew of people working on different aspects of the film — from hair, make-up and costume to directors, producers and writers. But even more behind the scenes than them would be the runners.

They do everything that needs to be done — from fetching a cup of tea to making sure the actors have their scripts and helping set up the next shooting location and passing on or sending messages to the right people. They may be the last rung on the ladder of a production crew but they are important. Without runners assisting, a production site would not run smoothly.

There is also a benefit to be being a runner for a runner. You get to work on a film site, watch a film or television programme get made. It is a learning experience as you learn by watching as you carry out your tasks and if you do a good job, you make a good impression, thus increasing your connections. Being a runner can act as the first step to propelling you into the industry of broadcasting production.

Thus runners prove that there are no small jobs in the broadcasting industry; anything you do can act as a stepping stone onto the next level until it comes to the day where you are the director and have your own runner working for you on your film or television set.

Gift Ruremesha, Correspondent (Film)

Image Courtesy: Garland (https://www.flickr.com/photos/gyroscope4/57808470), Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic | Flickr