Summer has just finished, but it goes without saying that we already are thinking about the next holidays, as well as it is well known that booking in advance helps our purse. Sometimes we may be induced to think that a far away holiday on an island is off our budget – but what if we are neglecting deserted islands, which are more accessible from an economic point of view since they are not touristic? You have plenty of choices: just keep in mind that Here comes a list of top crowd-free islands: some are the classical oceanic islands, other are river ones, but all of them have their own beauty to be discovered.

Henderson Island

The Pitcairn Islands Located in the Pacific Ocean, the Henderson Island is uninhabited (apart from few rare species of birds) and it has a surface of 37 square km. In order to visit this Island, you need a permit from the Pitcairn Islands Council and… a lift from the local inhabitants of Pitcairn Islands, since there are no touristic boats or ferries that go there.


Peculiar but true, not everyone knows that there are more than 1000 Maldives Islands, therefore only some of them are “colonised”, many left to their wild condition. They are easily reachable by boat or aeroplane from the near islands and adapt for camping.


If you are an explorer but quite not suited for bathing, here it is the perfect island for you: it is part of Iceland and it is a volcanic island of only 1.7 square kilometres, easily explorable.

Senkaku Islands

These islands (known as Diaoyu Islands in China and Diaoyutai Islands in Taiwan) form an archipelago which is not inhabited, except for rare animal species and medical herbs. These islands are currently disputed by Japan, China and Taiwan.

German Islands

Still if you love exploring places and not so keen of bathing, there are a few German Islands which must be visited:

  • Mainau, in the Costanza lake, is famous for its flowers
  • Harriersand, which is on the Weser river

Fox Islands, Alaska

Here you will find a few small islands: Adugak, Egg, Pancake Rock, Poa, Samalga, Sedanka and Wislow, some of them have even been the setting of a few adventure video games.

Angurman Island, Bijago Archipelago

It is a small inhabited island that presents white shell-built houses, linked to other uninhabited islands: these last ones are deserted because local people believe they are haunted by spirits. The Bijago archipelago is the least visited in the world and perfect for exploring. You can reach the islands from Bissau Harbour by boat (it is a 2 hours-long trip).

– Chiara Merlino, Correspondent (Travel)