When most people think of vacations, they think of going abroad and exploring a new place, or sitting around soaking up the sun. This trip is slightly different. Whether you are from the UK or just visiting, this trip will guide you along the scenic English coastline from London to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Of course, this trip can always be prolonged or shortened to fit specific timeframes, and certain stops can even be skipped or replaced. At the end of the day, vacation is for you to enjoy, so there is no point in having strict guidelines. But here is my recommendation to get you from England’s capital to Scotland’s capital.

1) White Cliffs of Dover

Instead of heading directly north out of London, begin by driving south-east for a little over two hours. This may seem counter-productive, but it will all make sense when you see the White Cliffs of Dover. Over the years, these cliffs have become an iconic British landmark. 

2) Southwold

From Dover, it is a little under four hours to the next destination of Southwold. Southward has a lovely beach complete with beautiful beach huts, golden sand, and a nice pier that stretches out into the ocean.

3) Wells-Next-the-Sea

From Southwold, it is only 1:45min to Wells-Next-the-Sea, an amazing harbour town. Here you must check out the narrow-gauge railway that transports passengers between the town and the coast. If time permits, the train can be taken to the picturesque town of Walsingham.

4) North York Moors National Park

Now for the longest stretch of the journey, driving from Well-Next-the-Sea to North York Moors National Park takes an almost five hours if you try to stay closer to the coast, a faster route is possible by using more inland motorways. However, upon arriving the possibilities are almost endless. The park offers a variety of activities, like hiking, horseback riding, and make a perfect place for nighttime photography of the sky and stars. All of this while being surrounded by beautiful moorland and woodland landscapes.

5) Newcastle upon Tyne

Usually just referred to as Newcastle, this is one of the larger cities in England and boasts of having some of the best nightlife. Newcastle is only an hour and a half car drive north of the North York Moors. Hadrian’s Wall, the wall the marked the edge of the roman empire, has ruins left across the UK, which can be visited while in Newcastle.

6) Edinburgh

Finally, from Newcastle, it is one last car drive to reach your destination in Scotland’s capital. Sticking to the coast, you can make it to Edinburgh in 2:30min. Complete with castles and royal botanic gardens, Edinburgh is Scotland’s second biggest city and covers a little bit of everything for everybody visiting.

This is a lengthy trip that requires almost 17 hours of driving but is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. It should create many picturesque memories of the British east coast. Hopefully, you enjoy the trip.

Paul Carlsen, Correspondent (Travel)