Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton faced riots and social movements involving pro-democrats, liberals and anti-Trump not satisfied about election results at all, against notable white supremacy bigotry rage. While black, feminists and LGBT population claims that the new President does not represent their communities, racists’ speeches have filled the conservatives’ unilateral ideology, including KKK (Ku Klux Klan) apologies and incitements.

Chants like “Stand up and fight back” to “Donald Trump go away; racist, sexist and anti-gay” were loudly proclaimed during many rallies that occurred with a prominent crowd taking the street of New York.

Liberals also defend the idea that America is built up by immigrants, who are genuinely contributing to the nation, and they should not be deported. Deportation is not a solution to “make America great again” as Trump’s slogan says and it will not fix the US’ problems. Hillary supporters and anti-Trump protesters mainly feel frustrated about everything that Trump promised during his campaign – actions that threaten the well-fair and national security of uncountable non-white communities.

Trump’s ideology has shown an excluding policies rather than assimilating ones, in stark contrast to the progressive stand that America took during Obama government: reasonably flexible within international policies and agreements, strongly postured about dealing illegal immigration, wealth distribution, healthcare and war approaches. Although Obama faced political controversies, the former President has had an outstanding support from outer economy representatives which provided to the US a higher credibility and trust to manage international discussion such global warming issues, a topic which Trump deliberately declared that he is skeptical about.

Twitter recently suspended alt-right accounts. On note to TIME, twitter responded to alt-right posts as “purging people on the basis of their views”, and took down possible mainstream figures of the movements to reduce its propaganda. Glenn Back called attention to the fact that alt-right is real and dangerous. “They are not on Trump’s side…and it’s truly terrifying”. Alt-rights members like Richard Spencer, Paul Town, Pax Dickinson, Ricky Vaughn and John Rivers are few names that have their accounts removed from the social media platform.

In East Windsor, Connecticut, a man in KKK robe appeared during a bonfire waiving a Trump flag. In note to Washington Post, the police is still look for signs of hate crime during the party, however, further information about the mysterious man was not provided but a video anonymously uploaded on Youtube. Nearly 84% of the people living in East Windsor are white, while 7% are black.

Recently in Mississipi, an African American church was set on fire and “Vote Trump” was sprayed on the wall, while another church in Louisiana was vandalised with a swastika and the words “Heil Trump”, contextualising Donald Trump political ideology to Hitler’s white supremacists dictatorship government.

– Gabriel Santos, Correspondent (North America)