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Stewart Hume,

Correspondent (Music)


It is a genre of music that from an outsider’s perspective could be classed as sexist. Thrash is a generic branch of the metal family that has traditionally been dominated by men. It is fast pace aggressive music that often requires raspy guttural vocals. It is not to say that it has purposely excluded females, but that they never seem to fit the mould.

However, a trio from Brazil show that thrash metal is no longer just a boys club. Nervosa is a three-piece thrash metal band made entirely of female members. Far from being a gimmick, these three Brazilians are currently producing there first full length debut album that is set to released in 2013 after the rise to success, despite only being together for a year. South American metal bands have been known to make their mark on the world music stage with such band as Sepeltura creating a version of thrash metal that changed the face of the scene. Could this trio follow in their footsteps?

Bassist, Prika Amaral, and drummer, Fernanda Terra, had initially formed Nervosa . Finally bassist and front woman, Fernanda Lira, came in completed the line up. Fernanada still finds it strange that in 2012 there are very few all-female metal bands. The group already has a large following despite they short carer and currently their only formal release is a short EP. Yet, they have already supported bands such as Exodus and signed to Napalm Records.

There is a fear with bands like this; success is often due to the idea of an all-girl metal band rather than the music itself. But nobody should doubt that Nervosa is not serious about their music. Their blast beats and selection of crushing riffs would be able to be sell itself to the most hardcore Slayer fan. Fernanda’s voice has an interesting quality, through her screams there  are hints of melody, which rather than seeming out of place,  tends to  complement the  music beautifully.

Despite the fact that this genre of music is not appreciated by everyone., one can not do anything but respect an all female band making waves in a genre, which often writes of women as being incapable to compete with their male counter parts.


Image courtesy: Nervosa Official Page (www.nervosa.com.br)