Different regions will have their own artistic tastes and preferences, which will often be quite unique and niche, and may seem a little eccentric to outside observers.

It is still a positive thing, though, that these tastes are held by the many regions throughout the world. Those artistic interests form a part of each place’s cultural identity. Without those interests, each place would be a little blander, a bit less colourful, and- let’s be honest- quite boring. That’s why those artistic appreciations should be, not just cherished, but celebrated and promoted, so that the world may know how special they really are.

That’s exactly what the north of England is currently in the process of doing. The folks of this area are currently working on a major creative project, which they have termed the Great Exhibition of the North. It will be hosted by Newcastle-Gateshead between 22nd June and 9th September 2018- a thrilling summer artistic extravaganza.

The aim of this project is to tell the story of the North of England’s prolific creativity and innovation. The entire region will be brought together, with a mixture of universities, businesses and creative communities united in their artistic celebrations. Connections will be formed and profiles publically raised. There will be a range of outdoor and indoor cultural settings, appealing to a range of tastes that will surely hold the interest of anyone with even a modicum of artistic interest.

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved. Schools can find curriculum resources and arrange visits for their classes. Volunteers will be required, with training provided to welcome visitors and interpret the artistic nature of the exhibitions.

There are also competitions in which the public can showcase their creativity. The most prominent example is the photography competition, the result of a team-up between the Great Exhibition of the North and Northern Powerhouse. With four themes to choose from- Northern Culture, Landscape and Cityscape, Art and Design and My Innovative North- people can submit their photography to demonstrate their appreciation of the north of England’s beauty.

England’s northern regions already have plenty of artistic networks, such as the North of England Art Club, so their reputation for artistic greatness is already on the rise.

Thanks to this exhibition, their legacy will surely be cemented for future generations of art lovers to cherish and admire forever.

Luke Mayo, Editor (Art)

(-Picture, Ken Fitzpatrick)

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Luke Mayo has completed an English degree at University Campus Suffolk. Working in English has given him an interest in writing, and he is keen to pursue this in his career. Luke began writing with the Global Panorama as an art correspondent in October 2015, taking on the role of editorship for the Culture Section in November 2017.