Video games are a form of escapism: all the risk and danger without having to worry about trivial things such as bankruptcy, morals, personal health or well-being. When things get stressful, the option to quit and try again is always there. Because of that concept alone, players are able to be as reckless as they want. If they die, they have lives left. And if they run out of lives, they can always head back to the main menu and restart.

Because of this, horror games are not what they used to be. It takes a lot more to scare a player, so developers have made games that instead of adding more player capabilities, takes them away. In Amnesia: The Dark Descent, the protagonist is never given any real weapons, forcing the player to hide instead of attack. The ever-popular Five Nights At Freddy’s not only leaves the protagonist without weapons but also without mobility; the player is forced to stay in the same position and watch as the creatures approach slowly. Still, both games allow the player to restart if they die in-game. It’s almost an unspoken of video game development to allow second chances, even in horror games.

And that unspoken rule is exactly what Vogelsap, an indie game developer, is breaking. The Flock is a brand new indie horror game that dies when you do. The multiplayer horror game actually shuts down once all the players die. The Flock is a self-described “university project that ran out of control.”

According to the alpha trailer, The Flock takes place is a dark, sprawling, broken dystopian city. There is a beacon of light and monsters. Players start as one of the Flock, and the main goal is to become the Carrier. The Carrier, a faceless protagonist, holds the Artefact that shines light that needs to be shown on objectives to win the game. While the Flock chases after the Carrier, Carriers can shine the Artefact’s light to defend themselves.

The game will have a set amount of players, constantly switching from Flock to Carrier. After players die, the count will lessen until the last one is dead. After that, there are no plans for a sequel or another launch.

The game is undergoing beta testing and is planned to be launched on Steam sometime this year.

 – Aitana Yvette Mallari, Correspondent (Tech)