Officially released on August 31, Divines tells the story of two teenage girls who seeks power, money and success in the suburbs of Paris. They live in not so friendly neighbourhood where they struggle everyday to survive. Dealing with a tough decision, Dounia (Oulaya Amamra) gets into dangerous situations, while dragging her best friend Maimouna (Déborah Lukumuena) in with her.

Everything changes when Dounia meets the contemporary dancer Djigui (Kelvin Mischel). Djigui communicates his frustrations and his passion through his moves, while Dounia battles to comprehend how she feels amid of the drama that her life become. Released on November 18 on Netflix, the Director Uda Benyamina won Caméra d’Or at the 2016 Film Cannes Festival on May 22.


The first Brazilian Netflix originals embodies extreme greed and paranoia within human nature to achieve success and the struggle for a better life. Relevant discussion about what exactly society means by “merit” (meritocracy) and the conspiracy to maintain a social hierarchical system reigned by few (oligarchy), who arbitrarily select those who enter their powerful economic sphere. Within this antagonist system, a secret society reveals a third party perspective.


A documentary produced by Ava Duveray gives a timeline and outstanding acknowledgement of racial movement in US history and the criminal justice development within the American system.

Quoting the 13th amendment, the documentary explains how the US tried its best to continue human labour exploitation after abolishing slavery in 1865. An excellent American history review going through topics like slavery abolition, civil rights movements and black lives matter movement.

The violent images and strong participant’s arguments give Duveray’s rhetoric a powerful outcome in which she certainly will make people politically question their own thoughts, especially about recent racial events in the United States.


This comic sitcom tells the story of a black 24 year old shop assistant, Tracey Gordon (Michaela Coel), who follows her boyfriend’s religiously strict life. While she worships Beyoncé and dreams about her very first time in bed, Tracey finds love with a hopeless white guy called Connor. Although her family clearly disapproves her relationship with this new man, Tracy seems not to care and insistently promote awkward situation to finally lose her holiness.

Created by the writer and actress Michaela Coel. The sitcom, originally released by E4 channel, has received the British Academy Television Award for Best Female Performance in a Comedy Programme and 2016 Television Craft Breakthrough Talent.

On her speech during the BAFTA TV Awards 2016, she said: “If there’s anybody out there that looks a little bit like me or just feel a little bit out-of-place and try to get to performing and all this kind of stuff” She continues, “You are beautiful, embrace it; you are intelligent, embrace it; you are powerful, embrace it”. Very encouraging and assertive in contrast to the inconsistent character she roles as Tracy.

– Gabriel Santos, Correspondent (Film)