Recently, there have been some arguments in the rap world where everyone seems to be at each other’s throats. First, it was Chris Brown and Soulja boy and now Meek Mill is challenging Drake to a boxing match in order to settle their problems.

The dispute between the two began in July 2015 when Meek Mill suggested that Drake uses ghostwriters on his collaboration track with Meek Mill. For those who don’t know what ghostwriters are, they are people who write a song on behalf of someone else who is then named the author. After this Meek Mill went to twitter to state that if he knew Drake had used ghostwriters he would have taken Drake’s verse off of his track R.I.C.O because he doesn’t like lying to his fans.

Meek Mill then offered Drake to a boxing match by stating in a live stream that “I’d beat Drizzy the f*** up for five mil. Of course, I would. We gonna let Nicki [Minaj] be the ring girl. Y’all would come to see that fight, wouldn’t y’all? Y’all’d spend $100 a ticket for that.” However, due to Mill’s height advantage, most people have suggested that Drake would be crazy to accept the challenge that would leave him with a weight and reach advantage as well.

The question that is now on everyone’s minds is will Drake accept this challenge? There are many people that are strongly advising Drake not to accept the challenge which includes his girlfriend J-Lo. All that is on J-Lo’s mind is that she don’t want anything to happen to Drake’s face or body and that he shouldn’t even show any interest in Mill’s offer.

I guess now we will just have to wait and see whether this boxing match will take place or not. If it doesn’t then at least we have Soulja Boy and Chris Brown’s match in Dubai to look forward to!

Amy Curtis, Correspondent (Music)