Daniel Nyari

A New York City-based illustrator and Graphic Designer, Daniel Nyari’s works from the ‘Matchmakers’ series are a blend of geometrical elements in a splash of vivid colours.

Özil_Arsenal_webIllustrator and graphic designer Daniel Nyari entered the world of art three years ago when he started creating a series of humorous and excellently structured illustrations. A man with a solid multicultural background, Daniel is born in Romania, brought up in Austria and has now settled in New York City, where he studied film, design and fine and graphic arts. He is also a Lead Designer and contributor at the Bundesliga Fanatic and the Senior Art Director at Futbol Artist Network. At present, Daniel describes himself as one who enjoys “football, avant-garde film, heavy metal and Nutella” on his profile on Behance.  


Considering the fact that he is new to his profession, Daniel has quickly made a reputation for himself through his talent and unique signature style. His impressively long list of clients ranges from At&t and National Geographic to ESPN and Microsoft. As for the publications that have featured his work across the years, the numbers are vast, including famous brands such as The New York Times, The Guardian and Match of The Day.

So far, Daniel has created hundreds of impressions ranging from soccer legends to movie characters, weapons, robots and so on. Daniel’s illustrations focus significantly on geometrical elements. His approach is a nearly-symmetrical one, structuring most of his illustrations as unique cartoons that are almost instantly recognised to bear his signature. Looking at his ‘Matchmakers’ series, you will notice how all the elements of the Ronaldo_Portugal_web_v2human form, everything from hair, facial structure or physical anatomy to dress and pose, are highlighted with symmetrical thick, bold lines and a simple, vivid colour pattern.

The artist describes the ‘Matchmakers’ series as, “A player in football who leads attacks or brings other players on the same side into a position from which they could score. He Playmakers_Zidane_newoften plays centrally between the opposition’s defence and attack. He has also been known as a trequartista, regista, enganche, meia-armador, meia-de-ligação, fantasisti, rifinitore, or false nine depending on cultural origin and/or position.” Apart from the visual appeal of his work, while looking at the images, it is obvious that he is also an excellent observer of his sources’ personality and public capital. In sketching his illustrations of famous footballers, the artist pays great attention to the specific features that make these players recognisable, allowing the viewer to compare the artwork with the originals. Manchester United’s Robin van Persie, Barcelona’s star Lionel Messi as well as Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo, Gianni Rivera, Jose Manuel Moreno and Marco Reus are just a couple of the resonant names that one can expect to find in the ‘Matchmakers’ series.

Kunal Chatterjee, Correspondent (Art)

Image Courtesy: © Daniel Nyari