Picture this, you are sitting in a lecture hall with your fifth cup of coffee and the clock is about to turn 5 o’clock when your phone buzzes revealing a message on your girl’s group chat. There are suggestions of drinks afterwards but how do you possibly go out without a refresh of make-up? The thought of bumping into the cute guy who’s a friend of a friend (you secretly hope has also been invited) with wonky eyeliner is almost too much to cope with. So in order to avoid this hypothetical yet potential situation here is a guide to the essential makeup items you should always carry with you at all times.

  • Concealer is your new best friend. It will be by your side through thick and thin and will enable you to hide the fact you only had three hours of sleep as you were in the library finishing off the assignment you had to hand in the following morning.
  • Lipstick switches up a look instantly and can change a daytime look into an evening one. If ever you are having one of those down days during a cold day in January then a red lippy can instantly make you feel better, in addition to some chocolate obviously.
  • Eyeliner is a must if you want to be able to top it up before a lecture or to make your eyes stand out if you’ve opted for a nude lip.
  • Mascara can instantly give life to your eyes and make your eye colour pop.
  • A travel size version of your favourite perfume is a must if you want to feel fresh all day and have everyone asking what fragrance you’re wearing with envy.
  • Powder ensures your foundation stays in place all day but means you won’t have that shiny face everyone is commenting on in a snapchat.
  • But the most important has been saved until last and that is the compact mirror. If you want to powder your nose before date and have very little time, it will enable you to turn up looking like you have freshly applied your makeup when in fact you’ve done it on the 10-minute tube ride (it will be our little secret)

There we have it, an insight into product essentials to carry around with you at all times. So when the message pops up on your phone informing you of a girls night out you won’t have to run home to grab your lipstick, you will be the first one ready.

– Charlotte Morse, Correspondent (Fashion)