We have all be there, munching on popcorn with a milkshake in hand watching the latest James Bond movie and fantasising about the beautiful dresses and glamorous lifestyle. Many celebrities opt for this Bond girl red carpet look which is eye-catching yet sophisticated. Although these looks seem like a mere dream away, these glamorous looks may also be achieved by anyone with a few easy steps. This article is a guide to how you can pull off a bond girl themed outfit with ease.

Firstly, let’s talk about the dress. In order to achieve a glamorous bond girl, look the dress is the key component. Elegance is key so a simple black, backless, floor-length gown will be your go to gown. So when you arrive at that university ball, you can let your dress do all the talking with a simple yet eye-catching style. However, if you’re feeling like you want some colour then why not be bold and brave and go for a breath-taking red number. This will add a pop of colour and make every head turn as you walk into the room. Team it with a red lipstick to match and you are ready to go and meet your 007.

Now for the hair, if you want to show off your dress at every angle then opting for an updo is the perfect solution. Either a low bun or a side plait is perfect and incredibly simple to achieve.

Let’s discuss shoes as this outfit wouldn’t be complete without some killer heels. Why not go for a simple plain black pair or even a glitzy pair to add something extra to your outfit.

So there we have it, the second red carpet look for this week to add some glitz and glamour to a society ball or for any special occasion. So grab your clutch bag and red lippy and you are ready to dance the night away with a martini in hand (shaken and not stirred of course)

Charlotte Morse, Correspondent (Fashion)