Fans welcomed supporting act Lauren Faith to the stage. The 22-year-old British singer-songwriter helped get the fans pumped up for Craig David’s performance. Faith sang her own Let them talk and a cover of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Senorita’ and a few other songs. As a new-on-the-scene artist, she handled the crowd pretty well. Thirty minutes later Big Narstie was welcomed to the stage by performing his own songs and covers of songs such as Wonderwall and The next episode. Narstie then preceded to begin to strip as R Kelly’s Bump n Grind played in the background. This sent fans over the edge and left everyone excited for the main event of the night.

That was it, the moment of the night that the sold-out arena was waiting for. The man in white entered the stage and instantly started singing songs from his album Following my intuition such as Ain’t giving up. This then was followed by one of his classic songs What’s your flavour. You could hear the crowd going crazy. Things began to heat up very quickly as everyone tried to get as close to Craig David as they can.

The first part of his performance consisted of both classic and recent songs of his such as Fill me in, Warm it up and Louder than words. When David introduced the next song, he told the crowd how he’s felt like this many times before and he is so grateful to have such a supportive fans. The crowd knew instantly that his hit single Rise and Fall would be the next song he performed.

Another highlight of the night was when David done a cover of Love yourself by Justin Bieber and later on in the show remixed between his song Rendezvous’ and Drake’s ‘One dance’. In the middle of the show, David exited the stage and a white curtain was dropped down, in the centre David was raised up and began performing his TS5 set. The first song he performed was his first hit single Re-rewind and then the curtain was dropped. This was extremely memorable part of the night as he began to remix classic garage anthems such as Flowers, A little bit of luck, and No scrubs.

The show was then rounded up by a few final songs, one of which included When the bassline drops. Rounding up the night he remixed between Fill me in (the classic version) and 16, which is his 2016 remixed version of this song creating a brand-new flavour.

Let’s hope we hear more from Craig David over the upcoming years because it looks like he Ain’t giving up until garage has returned to our music channels. He interacted well with the crowd and kept everyone dancing the entire night. 5* from us at The Global Panorama David. Let’s hope you drop a new album once you’ve finished your tour.

Amy Curtis, Correspondent (Music)