BJP’s landslide victory in the UP assembly elections 2017 was an important political milestone in India, where the electorate chose not to vote on the basis of caste like they always had and instead voted in large majorities for a party on the basis of political vision and credibility. Important lessons can be learnt from this election, especially if we study it from a management perspective. Writing for The Global Panorama, Debasish Chowdhury presents a few.


Top class execution of an average plan is better than poor execution of an excellent plan. The effectiveness of a plan will always depend upon how well it is executed.


You may think you have made a brilliant product for your customers, but more importantly the customers must acknowledge that your product will bridge their need gap. Else they will refuse to try you out. Rahul + Akhilesh didn’t have any significant customer value proposition and was perceived as a mixture of oil and water. Mayawati had chosen her candidates based on religion, caste and creed, whereas the electorate was looking for credibility of candidates. These are clear examples of missing the market pulse.


While deciding on which one to choose, people would mostly rely on brand performance (that has a track record) over brand promise (which may or may not be fulfilled). However, if the brand performance of their current brand falls too short of expectations, people would be more open to try another brand rather than continuing with their existing brand. In UP, people believed more in BJP’s brand promise because the brand performance of BSP and SP over last 10 years fell much short of expectations.

– Guest Writer

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