MOGADISHU – Despite Islamist group Al-Shabab’s strong presence in the region, there have been reports that Kenyan forces have pulled out from two military bases in Somalia. Of the two military bases, one has already been attacked by Al-Shabab.

Kenyan army’s spokesperson denied that the troops were puling out and said that their current move was a “normal operational manoeuvre”. On the other hand, residents have confirmed the presence of Al-Shabab militants in the southern Somalian town of Badhadhe following the the withdrawal of Kenyan troops.

Merely 11 days ago, approximately 100 Kenyan soldiers were murdered by Al-Shabab militants in the Somalian base of el-Ade.

Col Obonyo said that Kenyan troops were not “withdrawing from any of our positions in Somalia. Nobody says we must be in that camp. We can operate from another site.”

Kenyan forces have been a part of the African Union’s battle against Al-Shabab and they have been present in Somalia since 2011. The country contributes approximately 4,000 armed personnel to the African Union’s army. However, the attack on Kenyan troops in el-Ade is believed to be the deadliest one till date.

– The Global Panorama