If the colour yellow is mentioned, you initially consider bright flowers or that song you vaguely know by Coldplay but what many don’t consider is adding a pop of colour to their wardrobe and embracing the yellow trend. Although it can seem daunting and a possible throwback to the 70s, yellow is in fact on trend for spring/summer 2017 and can be achieved through subtle accessories or full blown yellow dresses. This article will enable you to turn up to the summer BBQ in style and fully confident that your outfit will stand out for all the right reasons.

Yellow is, of course, an extremely vibrant colour but rather than shy away from why not make a bold statement through accessorising with hair clips or chokers? The choker trend is still ongoing and allows a hint of rock glamour to a sophisticated outfit. Indeed, yellow becomes a new and fun friend of an all-black outfit and grabs the attention of onlookers. So you can light up an outfit for a night out but ensure you don’t dazzle your friends too much.

Different shades of yellow are very much in for spring/summer 2017 and if a bright pastel yellow is not for you then why not opt for a mustard colour? Mustard dresses are not only a beautiful colour but also a great colour for the transitioning seasons as winter creeps away and spring leaps ahead. Or an alternative is investing in a piece of outerwear such as a mustard leather jacket to create a dramatic yet on trend vibe that will be the envy of all your friends.

We have touched on yellow being the focus for outfits but of course, you can embrace this trend by incorporating it into your make-up looks and add a pop of colour to your eyes for a bold and eye-catching effect. Spring and summer enables you to experiment with pastel colours and brighter eye makeup so it’s time to put away your dark lipsticks and find space for your colourful eye makeup.

Lastly, if you’re considering booking a spring/summer break then maybe it’s time to update your swimwear and rather than make do with that navy plain swimsuit why not be brave and try out a yellow piece? It will instantly put you in a positive mood and you will become that ray of sunshine even if the weather on your local beach doesn’t seem to match it.

So when it comes to Kate’s garden party in April and you need something new to wear yellow is definitely the colour that should spring to mind (see what I did there).

– Charlotte Morse, Correspondent (Fashion)