WASHINGTON – Julian Assange has been praised by the US right after he released hacked emails from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity took to Twitter to express his support for the WikiLeaks founder, saying he “showed us we have no cyber security” and that he “exposed how corrupt our government is.”

Assange, who appeared on Hannity’s television show last month, has been releasing daily batches of emails, including political advice, communication with journalists and details of the candidate’s paid speeches.

During their interview Hannity said he “applauded” Assange for his efforts.

“You have done a lot of good in what you have exposed about how corrupt, dishonest and phony our government is.”

The WikiLeaks founder says Clinton was part of the destruction of civil liberties and the first amendment during Barack Obama’s presidency.

“The Obama administration has attempted to prosecute more journalists and journalistic sources under the Espionage Act, that same Act that she [Clinton] was being investigated under, than all previous presidencies combined.”

“Under Obama an epidemic has developed of abusing national security laws to crack down on what is legitimate use of the first amendment.”

Louisiana senate candidate David Duke also praised Assange for the leaks this week, saying “America owes you.”

The former Klu Klux Klan grand wizard posted an image of Assange with the caption “HERO.”

The image was coloured in the popular red and blue “hope” poster styling that was first used to portray Obama in 2008.

Republican candidate, Donald Trump, also responded to the leaks pointing out discrepancies in documents concerning Clinton’s charitable organisation.

“The more emails WikiLeaks releases, the more lines between the Clinton Foundation, the Secretary of State’s office and the Clintons’ personal finances, they all get blurred,” he said.

The leaks appear to have had little effect on Clinton’s campaign so far, with the former Secretary of State still leading in the national polls.

Julian Assange remains in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he first sought political asylum four years ago to avoid extradition on rape charges.

– Viki Gerova, Correspondent (North America)