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The fashion world is rife with issues involving weight and arguably is to blame for unrealistic ideals about body images which young girls and women try to imitate worldwide. Despite promises of including curvier models on the catwalks and plus sized clothes in the magazines, the issue is still a leading problem in mainstream fashion and the future to many seems bleak. Many thin models are the women young girls aspire to look like, which is both unhealthy and unrealistic. It leads us to wonder, who are the positive role models to look up to nowadays? We don’t have the fabulous, curvacous Marilyn anymore, but surely there must be hope amongst the never-ending list of attractive female celebrities.
Jennifer Lawrence, is now one of the most idolised women of our time, perhaps partly due to the success of Hunger Games and the widespread love for her character Katniss Everdeen. However, more importantly, she promotes health above being a ‘size zero’ and recently, when speaking to US host Barbara Walters said ‘it should be illegal to call someone fat…Because why is humiliating people funny?’ There have been rumours circulating in the world of stardom which discuss Lawrence’s figure as ‘fuller’, which seems absurd as she is a young, healthy, beautiful woman and in no way overweight.
She told the BBC, “When we were doing the first The Hunger Games, it was a big discussion, ’cause it’s called The Hunger Games—she’s from District 12, she’s obviously underfed, so she would be incredibly thin. But, I just kept saying, ‘We have the ability to control this image that young girls are going to be seeing.” To hear that a female celebrity actually cares about the image she is promoting to women in the ever powerful media, is reassuring and frankly following some of Miley Cyrus’s and Rihanna’s recent performance and outfit decisions, is a relief. We need more women dominating our magazines and articles such as Jennifer Lawrence and Beyonce, who are strong, positive and talented role models. Girls, take note! Being healthy and happy is the best way to feel comfortable in your own skin and beautiful.

Image Courtesy: By b.m.a.n. Uploaded by MyCanon (Jennifer Lawrence) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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