From the classic aviator to Lennon’s iconic round framed glasses, and the Wayfarer, here’s what’s making waves on the fashion circuit

8511694047_b463754dad_hSunglasses are a must-have accessory for both genders all year round, but especially during summer. There are styles that we adore and they seem to re-emerge year after year. Firstly, the all-time favourite: aviators. This popular design, among those willing to spend money, are the famous Ray-Ban collections. However, fear not; nearly all stores worldwide sell their own versions of aviators, which are often more affordable. Ray-Ban aviators have been a favourite since they were first designed in 1936 and were often worn by US Army Air Corps. Later the trend was made more desirable by the likes of Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.

John Lennon was another Beatle who inspired a sunglass trend, and made the iconic round framed sunglasses fashionable, which has made a comeback. Not only were the Beatles creating history through their music over the years, but they were also evolving style and fashion. Inspired by the counter-culture of the 1960s, they give any outfit a retro look. Although Ray-Ban has some of the best ones, many stores sell replicas at affordable prices.

Ray_Ban_Original_WayfarerDuring the 1950s, another style became prominent: the Wayfarer. This quickly became a favourite accessory among Hollywood stars and the excitement surrounding the trend was heightened by the wonderful James Dean — another timeless style icon. These sunglasses differed from previous styles due to their plastic frames, which gave them an effortless cool and slightly casual edge. Choose from a range of colours and patterned and multi-coloured frames.

TeashadesSunglasses are not only necessary to protect your eyes, but are also an essential accessory to liven up any outfit. If sunglasses have never been your thing, flip through the pages of past fashion trends and choose those perfect sunnies to add glamour and edge to your ensemble.

— Helena StocksEditor (Fashion)

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