Hugo Chavez (free use)

Helena Lins,

Editor (South America)


CARACAS – Hugo Chavez was re-elected for a fourth term as Venezuelan President, last Sunday.He won 54.66% of the vote, defeating his opponent Henrique Capriles who got 44.73%. The turnout was about 81%.

After the announcement of the results, Hugo Chavez appeared on the balcony of the President Palace to greet the crowd of enthusiastic supporters and address few words to them, “Truthfully, this has been the perfect battle, a democratic battle. Venezuela will continue its march toward the democratic socialism of the 21st Century.”

He also named this re-election as the beginning of a new cycle of the Bolivarian government, adding, “I promise to be a better President every day.”

At the helm of the oil-rich South American country for more six years now, Hugo Chavez stated his aim to use the state oil windfalls to fund social programmes related to housing, education and health. He has also shown to be aware that more needs to be done on crime and government bureaucracy.

Image Courtesy: Victor Soares for Agencia Brazil via Wikimedia Commons

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