LIMA – Late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, along with certain Brazilian companies have been accused of financially supporting President Ollanta Humala’s failed campaign in 2006, according to a Peruvian prosecutor.

The letter, which is yet to be verified, was handed over to prosecutors by an informant. Addressed to Humala himself, this decade-old letter is personally signed by Chavez and mentions $2m in “investments”. As read by prosecutor German Juarez in a televised hearing, the letter read: “Burn any evidence, brother, for the good of us all. This is revolutionary, socialist aide.”

Humala has vehemently denied the accusations of taking any money from Chavez. Following his failed campaign in 2006, he had distanced himself from Chavez in his successful 2011 campaign.

But Chavez isn’t the only one that Humala has been accused of taking money from. An informant has come forth claiming that Odebrecht SA and Grupo OAS, both Brazilian construction companies that are currently embroiled in serious corruption-related controversy, gave Humala and his wife, First Lady Nadine Heredia Alarcón de Humala, hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The informant alleges the involvement of the companies were such that they also paid the salary of an adviser close to Brazil’s Workers Party to help with Humala’s 2011 campaign.

The President is not the only one who has come under scrutiny; First Lady Nadine Heredia is also being investigated for her role in undeclared campaign contributions. While no charges have been filed against her, she has been barred from leaving Peru in the future.

– The Global Panorama